danish is a dubai-raised artist, speaker, DESIGNER, sailor, father, investor & ENTREPRENEUR. he heads hybrid advisory firm xische & Co.

Piloting Cities of the Future

Piloting Cities of the Future

Arabnet Digital Summit 2016
Panel moderator

Dubai aims to be the world’s happiest and smartest city by 2021, and today this vision is being piloted in two projects: Silicon Park (DSO) & Dubai Design District. From sensors integrated into waste bins that tell custodial services when they need to be collected, to facial recognition that authorizes exit and entry into buildings, data collected from across the project will be aggregated in sophisticated command centers analyzing everything from the population flow to revenue generation per square meter. This session will delve into what the city of the future will look like and what it takes to turn this vision into reality.

The Method Acting Approach to Design

Dubai Smartprenuer Business Competition