danish is a dubai-raised artist, speaker, DESIGNER, sailor, father, investor & ENTREPRENEUR. he heads hybrid advisory firm xische & Co.

Venture Capital: Innovating the Silicon Valley Way?

Global Arab Business Meeting 2012
Panelist & speaker

The Middle East is striving to modernize its economies based on new channels of financing and innovation. Venture capital and new technology initiatives shall allow the region to compete on a global scale. What does it take to boost innovation capabilities?

Danish Farhan, Chairman, Xisché Holdings, UAE
 PK Gulati, Chairman, Optimistix Ventures, UAE
• Eesa Bastaki, CEO, UAE ICT Fund, UAE
Ahmed Emara, CEO, ReAya Holding, Saudi Arabia
Ossama Hassanein, Chairman, Rising Tide Fund, USA
Shimi Shah, President, Carousel Solutions, UAE
Mo Shahin, Founder, Softmills, USA
Robert Troy, Managing Director, Agave Partners, USA

Link to event report here.

Technology Clusters in the Middle East

Is this the End of Philanthropy?

Is this the End of Philanthropy?