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How To Access Flickr in the UAE

I take no credit in inventing this information. It just so happens that its found its way to my blog. Courtesy of tech revolutionary OmarKassim.com! His blog does no justice to his How To Break Anything line of life-hacks. Follow him on twitter@omarkassim to know what I mean. du’s recent decision to block Flickr has pushed a lot of people’s buttons. Here’s how to quickly and easily use Flickr in the UAE without changing your proxy settings. This Firefox only add-on was created by Hamed Saber an Iranian who was having issues with accessing Flickr inside Iran.

1. Update to the latest version of Firefox. 2. Go to Tools > Add-ons and search for ‘Access Flickr!’ 3. Alternatively go here to reach the Access Flickr! Add-on page. 4. Install and Restart Firefox. 5. Hit www.flickr.com and you’re good to go!

Original post on OmarKassim.com can be found here.

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